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Let Your Feminine Fountain Flow


•One, Three and Four Day Residential Workshops for Women and Couples
*Five-Week Webinar for Women

with Deborah Sundahl

Deborah SundahlIn these residential workshops

And in the five-week webinar workshop

You’ll learn that the the G-spot is the female prostate

And that all women have one, just as all men do.

Female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, a fountain full of vitamins and minerals that ancient peoples around the world knew about, honored and enjoyed. Immerse yourself in all the knowledge, wonder and erotic satisfaction of this ‘hidden gateway to deeper love and intimacy’ – the G-spot – and its ultra-feminine source, female ejaculation.

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Explore the G-spot’s special orgasm and the lusty, healing waters of female ejaculation. In the women’s workshop, you get luxurious time to yourself to re-discover your body and delve much deeper into your sexuality. In the Couples workshops, you learn the G- spot’s special orgasm, and get female ejaculation to work for you in your erotic relationship. Replace what has been missing in your intimacy – both emotionally and physically – with easy desire and deeper love for each other.

Waterfall What female ejaculation is Waterfall
Where the G-spot is located
How to find your G-spot
Understand what a G-spot orgasm is
How to create and release ejaculate
What sexual positions best stimulate the G-spot and create ejaculate
How the G-spot is the gateway to deeper sexual fulfillment and personal healing

Get this lovely, divine birthright, the female erotic source, flowing again!

WaterfallWith 3-5 days (depending on workshop) devoted solely to learning how to female ejaculate, you will come away with a profound knowledge of female ejaculation and the G-spot. You will get these to work for you in your erotic life and in your relationship.
In the group and over the course of these days, Deborah teaches about the topics above in a setting that is private and secure. A warm and supportive group space is created for you. You will be put at ease, and communication with others in the group will provide valuable support and insight into your own situation and learning. This enables amazing progress with learning how to female ejaculate, and in awakening the sensations of your G-spot.

By having this much time to explore your sexuality, women and couples are able to move faster and farther toward making the G-spot orgasm — and its lovely result of female ejaculation — an integral part of their lovemaking.

This time that is devoted solely to your sexuality also empowers you to understand, in a profound way, where you are presently in your sexual development. The process is intense and gratifying.

Treat yourself to a successful experience in allowing the full flow of female ejaculate to drench you in more self and partner intimacy. More sexual satisfaction than you ever dreamed possible (guaranteed!) awaits you with the expert in female ejaculation, Deborah Sundahl.

Besides being far more knowledgeable about the G-spot and your ability to ejaculate, by the end of this workshop you will be able to:


  • Increase your sexual pleasure
  • Love your body more deeply
  • Be more sexually satisfied with a partner

  • Have more erotic fun and enjoyment together
  • Communicate your desires easily and fully
  • Increase your sexual satisfaction
  • Get your sexual needs met






with Deborah Sundahl

The One Day Workshop has many of the benefits of the longer workshops described above, but focuses specifically on finding the G-spot and discovering its unique and exquisite sensations. Finding and feeling the G-Spot is the first step in learning how to ejaculate.

.Can’t find your G-spot?
.Wish you understood what a G-spot orgasm is?
.Can all women ejaculate?

The focus of this one-day workshop is to understand all about the G-spot’s location and sensitivity. A small and lovely group of women will create a secure and honoring group space, where you can come together to reclaim your G-spot!

The day begins with getting up-to-the-minute information from Deborah via her lecture on female ejaculation and the G-spot. Topics covered: female ejaculate’s ancient history and G-spot anatomy, its function and purpose, as well as what modern science says about the G-spot. You will understand what female ejaculate is, how it works, why it is blocked in many women and how to release its wondrous, sexy, juicy and blissful flow.

The rest of the workshop is devoted to finding your G-spot and getting an experiential taste of what the sensations of a G-spot orgasm feels like. The private, secure space that is arranged for the group will support you as you find and reclaim you G-spot – the centerpiece of your sexuality. This educational experience will help you embody the information you will receive. This is hands-on learning – your hands only. Your privacy within the group will be protected! You will come away empowered and pleased.

Learn how to get your Feminine FountainTM flowing!

By end of the FEMININE FOUNTAIN ONE-DAY EXPERIENCE residential workshop,

you will be able to:

  • Know exactly where your G-spot is located
  • Feel and understand the sensations of the G-spot
  • Learn how to develop and feel more variety of orgasms and sensations of pleasure
  • Know what a G-spot orgasm is and how to have one
  • Know how to ejaculate easier
  • Experience greater presence, openness and satisfaction in your self-lovemaking and in your intimate connection with a partner
  • Have more sexual self-confidence and healing

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“I really enjoyed the workshop. I generally feel more connected to myself, my spirituality and creativity as well as my sexuality. I find myself wearing more feminine, sexy clothes and feeling more comfortable in my body. Thank you for the gift of helping me to connect with my innermost self. I feel like the workshop was a really important step towards making myself my own best friend and truly being at home in my own body. The G-spot’s like a beautiful room I never knew was in my house, both an exciting and comforting oasis. Thanks for helping to put me in touch with this wonderful part of myself!” – Rosy, Albuquerque, NM


I came home after the workshop totally relaxed and inspired to continue with the massage of my G-spot. Lo and behold, I ejaculated easily in the peace and privacy of my home. The workshop was an initiation into becoming more of a whole woman with more female power. And with my partner, our sexuality has more intensity, satisfaction and familiarity now.” – Marsha, Cologne, Germany


I can contribute my new knowledge to my profession immediately, because one third of my clients are woman healing their vaginas. This is wonderful, it is not?” – Marianna, Switzerland, Tantra massage practitioner


You let every woman be herself and in her process without evaluation or judgment. All experiences of joy, ecstasy, lust or grief, frustration or tears – everything was okay. This is what made the circle of woman so truly honest and powerful.” – Sarah, London, UK


The information on the G-spot I found very exciting and interesting, and gave me power for my experiments. The practices during the workshop were loving and attentive, and there was enough space provided for me to move at my own speed. Important for me was to feel safe in such an intimate setting.” – Sabine, Berlin, Germany

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