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Practitioner Training Pihoto (1)

Teaching Female Ejaculation and The G-Spot


with Deborah Sundahl

25 Hr. Foundational Certificate


Focus: Educate others about the female prostate, its orgasm and its ejaculate in a clinical or an informal setting. Level 1.


1) Understand and convey accurate female prostate anatomy. 2) Provide educational awareness of what are awakened sensations of the G-spot and how they are obtained. 3) Explain what the G-spot orgasm is both physically and scientifically, and 4) explain the science on female ejaculation, and help women understand their experiences with or perceptions of female ejaculation.


You will leave with a your desire to teach this information transformed into a potent, clear vision of what that will look like, and realistic first steps needed to manifest it.


THIS COURSE IS FOR teachers, students, practitioners and those in the helping professions who want to provide the correct information about the female prostate, its orgasm and its ejaculate out into your area of personal relationships, career expertise or academic interest.


THIS COURSE HAS A PRE-REQUISITE: The 15 hr. weekend workshop or the webinar entitled Female Ejaculation and the G-spot with Deborah Sundahl. (15 hrs)



Teaching Female Ejaculation and the G-spot with Deborah Sundahl

25 Hr.Foundational Certificate

PRICE: $285.00.  240,00€




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Autumn 2020

25 Hr Certification Teach Feminine Fountain Training is Online with Deborah Sundahl

Three, one hour sessions on Zoom, plus assigned home study. Dates and times flexible to accommodate schedules.

Autumn, 2020

Date: Monday, Oct 12 , 2020   *   Place: Online   Registration Here

Date: Thursday Nov 12, 2020   *   Place: Online   Registration Here

Date: Saturday, Dec 5, 2020    *   Place: Online   Registration Here


Winter, 2021

Date: January 19, 2021   *   Place:  Online   Registration Here

Date: February TBA,  2021   *   Place: Hawaii , USA

Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.  Registration Opens Sept 15, 2020