The Awaken G-spot Meditations Practice Audio Series

The Awaken G-spot Meditations Practice Audio Series



Product Description

An Audio Series with Deborah Sundahl Episodes 1-5

In the workshop or webinar, Deborah Sundahl led you step-by-step through a series of meditations to slowly reveal the universe inside your lovely vulva. These audio episodes are culled from the Sundahl Methodâ„¢ she created over a decade of facilitating workshops for you to begin a loving and lasting relationship with your erotic body, specifically, the female prostate.
Just create your space, listen to her voice, and follow along.

Set One includes three Awaken G-Spot Meditations
Episode One: See and Locate Your G-Spot
Episode Two: Awaken Your G-Spot Senstivity
Episode Three: Awaken Deeper G-Spot Senstivity

Set Two includes two Awaken G-Spot Meditations
Episode Four: Build the G-Spot Orgasm
Episode Five: Build the Female Ejaculate