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Deborah Sundahl’s “Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot” webinar changed my life in a profound way.

I found Deborah after a 2-year quest, committed to the work and through her expert guidance and caring approach, I found my center and took my power back.

Life changing to say the least. I am changed forever.
To Girl Power!    Janine-Los Angeles


Sexuality is an expression of our interior life and fuels our creativity. We have forgotten this due to focus on performance, to do lists, multi-texting and comparing oneself to media images.


The language of sexuality is fascinating. I will help you grow a healthy and nourishing relationship to your erotic nature, and most specifically, your lovely vulva, G-spot and its feminine fountain, female ejaculation. Come home to your erotic soul; I will show you the way.


In the individualized instruction, we address together all aspects of your distinctive self, and how these manifest in your sexuality. We are all unique individuals with our own bodies, emotions, psychology, mind and spirit. Discover how your true erotic identity is expressed sexually. Learn the depth of your erotic being and her influence in all areas of your life.  Experience the effects in your sexuality through individualized exercises. Gaining this awareness creates a focused, content and happy state of mind.


To embark upon this journey, I offer a package session of three (one hour each time) reduced hourly rates.  If you simply have a few questions you would like answered, then I recommend a single session with me.  I have student, elder and disability rates, and rates for those challenged by a changing economy, so please inquire.



There is no need to stay stuck, or confused, or have an unanswered question. This time on the telephone is most definitely an investment in your sexual wellness, your peace of mind, as well as gaining a depth of relation with yourself and/or your partner that is enriching because it never ceases to fascinate and surprise.

For an appointment E-MAIL DEBORAH

3 Sessions  $280.00

1 Session    $125.00

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35 Years Experience Teaching Female Sexuality

Deborah Sundahl DEBORAH SUNDAHL author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot,  i a master sexuality coach, consultant and sex educator with over 35 years of experience as a pioneer in female sexuality.  She is also a 24 year Hatha Yoga practitioner, a Certified Herbalist, McKay Method Energy Healing Technician, 20 years of Tantra study and practice, as well as  a daily prayer practice.  As a sexuality pioneer in the 1980s, Deborah had a mission to liberate female sexuality from its oppressed and neglected state. Deborah created alternative images of feminine erotic power, beauty, grace and creativity and injected them into the mass culture via her magazine, videos and later her book, workshops, webinars and lectures in North America and Europe.  You, too, can be empowered with this knowledge for your personal use. And, if you choose, to bring this knowledge out into a world that is in desperate need of healing the divine nature of sex and its feminine principle.




A sexual history is useful for two purposes: 1) to solve a problem and 2) to bring to light a  problem and/or pleasure, and to define its context, occurrence and duration.

When you write and send me your sexual history of any length, I will read it and then we will have a skype call to discuss it.  Or, if you like, I can provide you with a written assessment and suggestions on what areas to focus on for more help or knowledge.

From here you can determine more clearly what the situation is and how you would like to proceed.

If you have questions or reach an impasse with writing it, please e-mail me.

Sexual History Evaluation  $140.00


E-MAIL DEBORAH SUNDAHL  with any questions you may have about female ejaculation and/or the G-spot.

I am happy to answer your questions, especially if you have read my book and have been practicing and have reached an obstacle.


When writing, please include your name, city and country. Expect a reply in 1-7 days.