Coach Sessions with Deborah Sundahl

Guidance and Facilitation for G-Spot Work


 I found Deborah after a 2-year quest, committed to the work, and through her expert guidance and caring approach, I found my centre and took my power back. Life changing to say the least. I am changed forever.  –Janine, Los Angeles

Learn how to build and release female ejaculate and create a G-spot orgasm in the privacy of your own home via Zoom with Deborah’s know how, skill and one-to-one attention. This takes a package of three, one-hour sessions, spaced to fit your schedule and your learning speed.


If you’ve been learning from the book and have some questions, a one-hour session often is all you need to continue your study and progress.


If you have taken the workshop or webinar and want to continue the work in Awaken the sensations of the G-spot by working more deeply with the language of the prostate, then a package of three, one-hour sessions will provide you with lots of growth and guidance with that.




There is no need to stay stuck, confused, or have an unanswered question. This time spent on awakening the literal heart of your sexuality brings you sexual wellness and peace of mind. You gain a cherished relationship with yourself that enriches you  – and therefore your partnerships –  because this practice never ceases to provide information that will guide you throughout your life. A unique and useful skill is available and you learn her language with Deborah to access it.



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3 Sessions Package  $280.00         

1 Session $125.00



Sex Coaching Explained by Sarah Martin for the World Association of Sex Coaches


35 Years Experience Teaching Female Sexuality



Deborah Sundahl

DEBORAH SUNDAHL author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot,  i a master sexuality seminar and workshop leader with over 35 years of experience as a pioneer in female sexuality and an advocate for adult sex education.

As a sexuality pioneer in the 1980s, Deborah Sundahl’s mission was to liberate female sexuality from its oppressed and neglected state. She created alternative images of feminine erotic power, beauty, grace and creativity, and injected them into the mass culture via her magazine and videos. She continued into the new century with a book on her work with the G-spot, and workshops, webinars and lectures in North America and Europe since 2004.

Deborah Sundahl is also a Certified Herbalist (1999), McKay Method Energy Healing Technician (2017), and 25 years of personal Hatha Yoga and mediation practice combined with wide variety of human potential applications and sacred sexuality experience.



E-MAIL DEBORAH SUNDAHL with any questions you have about the female prostate, its ejaculate and its (G-spot) orgasm.

I am happy to answer your questions, especially if you have read my book and have been practicing and have reached an obstacle.


When writing, please include your name, city and country. Expect a reply in 1-7 days.