Wild, Wet & Overflowing


•One Day Workshops for Women and Couples 

*Two Day Non-Residential Workshops for Women

•Three and Four Day Residential Workshops
•Five-Week Webinar for Women

with Deborah Sundahl


The G-spot is the female prostate. All women have a prostate. Female ejaculate is prostatic fluid, a fountain of vitamins and minerals. Ancient people around the world knew, honored and enjoyed its healing waters.

Immerse yourself in fascinating knowledge of the G-spot – the ‘hidden gateway’ to deeper love and intimacy. Explore the mystery of its orgasm, and find erotic satisfaction in its ultra-feminine source, female ejaculation.

Get luxurious time to re-discover your body and delve deeper into your sexuality. Learn all about the G-spot: where it is located, how to have G-spot orgasms, and how to stimulate the G-spot to bring back its natural state of ultra-sensitivity. Learn how to make that luscious feminine fountain flow!

Learn from the expert. You will flow away from this workshop deeply changed, skilled and knowledgeable about your G-spot, and able to ejaculate.


•Weekend Workshops for Women 2017

VENICE, Italy   June 16-18. 2017  Weekend Women

STOCKHOLM, Sweden   September 22-24, 2017   Weekend Women

TALLIN, Estonia   September 29-October 1, 2017   Weekend Women

EGMOND ANN ZEE, The Netherlands – October 13-15, 2017   Weekend Women

ZURICH, Switzerland – October 6-8, 2017   Weekend Women

WARSAW, Poland – October 20-22, 2017    Weekend Women


•Five Week Webinar Workshop for Women

•Workshops for Couples  2017

VENTURA, California     May 5-6, 2017   Weekend Couples

WARSAW, Poland – October 26-27, 2017   Weekend Couples


•Workshops for Men  2017

EGMOND ANN ZEE , The Netherlands – October 13-15, 2017   Evening Men Only


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Deborah Sundahl photo

  Deborah Sundahl  is the foremost pioneer and expert in female ejaculation and the G-spot. She is the author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot (Hunter House, 2003, 2014). Her 30 years of groundbreaking contributions to this field include a line of videos titled the Female Ejaculation Sex Education Series (Isis Media, Inc.), which Deborah produced and hosts. She lectures and gives workshops in North America and Europe, and has taught thousands of men and women how to integrate the G-spot and female ejaculation into their erotic body and sexual life. She continues to be a spokesperson for female sexuality and an advocate for sex education. She lives in Montana, USA.


I had a truly wonderful workshop experience. Deborah was an encouraging and inspiring teacher to begin such a deep and private journey with.  She was attentive, honest, accepting, balanced and completely genuine.  I felt equal in her presence as we all shared and learned from each other.  Her knowledge has inspired me to become active, taking action in this beautiful and powerful role that I am proud to have as a women.” – Rene Smith, CA


I took this workshop with a famous USA Tantra teachers years ago. And Deborah’s workshop brought me to a much higher awareness.”- William, Ashland, Oregon

Committing to such an exploration of my body was exciting, and a little intimidating. Thankfully, Deborah is a good woman who possesses key qualities I believe are most important in being a sex educator; she is compassionate and she is compelling. Compassionate first because she builds a space for people to feel warmly welcomed and nurtured within. I say compelling because she shares so much knowledge and debunks myths. She put me at ease with moving forward. I will continue working to open myself up more and more to sexual fulfillment, and feel encouraged that there is an endless stream of satisfaction to be had. ” – Sarah Elder, NYC

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