Powerpoint Sex Education Class for Adults

Deborah Sundahl

Female Ejaculation and the G-spot

Can’t find your G-spot?
Wish you understood what a G-Spot orgasm is?
Is your sex toy doing a lack luster job for you?
Want to know what all the fuss over female ejaculation is all about?

Learn how to get your feminine fountain flowing again!

Deborah Sundahl, author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot, has 30 years of pioneering experience on female ejaculation, and has coached thousands of women to find their G-spot and let their wild woman gush.

In this 2 hour lecture/video clip presentation on Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot, you will learn:

  • Where your G-spot is located
  • How to stimulate the G-spot to create female ejaculate
  • How to have a G-spot orgasm
  • How to massage the G-spot into its natural state of ultra-sensitivity
  • The best sexual positions for stimulating the G-spot
  • MEN: How to help your partner


Deborah uses the best visual aids I have ever seen for these parts of the female anatomy. It was super clear, helpful and informative.” – Jimmy N.,  Oregon, USA




Evening Lecture-Class and All Day Workshops


TBA   Copenhagen Human Awareness Institute        Evening Lecture     One Day workshop for Women     One Day workshop for Couples


Sept 22-24  Stockholm, Sweden    Weekend Workshop for Women

Sept 29-Oct 1   Tallin, Estonia  Evening Lecture    Weekend Workshop for Women   (More Info Link in April, 2017)

Oct 6-8    Zurich Sexological Bodywork   Friday Evening Lecture    Weekend Workshop Women

Oct 13-15   The Netherlands  Humaniversity  Evening Lecture    Weekend Workshop Women

Oct 20-22    Tantra Love, Warsaw Poland     Evening Lecture    Weekend Workshop for Women    

Oct 28-29    Tantra Love, Warsaw Poland      Weekend Workshop for Couples




Evening Lecture-Class and All Day Workshops


Mar 14    London  Coco de Mer store  Evening Lecture

June 16-18   Verona, Italy  – Evening Lecture          Workshop for Women

June 22-25   Everness Festival – Lake Balaton, Hungary  5 Days  Lecture Workshops for Women, Couples, Men


Evening Lecture-Class and All Day Workshops

May 5   Ventura, CA   Evening Lecture Class

May 6   Ventura, CA   Couples Valentine Weekend Workshop