In 2001, the G-spot was finally recognized as a functioning female anatomical organ, and was given the medical term: female prostatereference here

This medical recognition ended the debate about the ‘myth of the G-spot.’

The G-Spot is real, and it works. Deborah Sundahl’s job is to teach
women and men how to get this lovely feminine fountain flowing again!

Deborah Sundahl, Author and Sex Educator

Deborah Sundahl is an international sex educator who specializes in teaching women and couples about the G-spot and female ejaculation. She is the leading expert and pioneer in this field. As expert, she wrote the first and groundbreaking book on female ejaculation in 2003, Female Ejaculation and the G-spot. As pioneer, she made the very first video on this subject in 1992, How to Female Ejaculate, at a time when very few people had heard about female ejaculation. Read More…


Female Ejaculation and The G-spot

How to Female Ejaculate

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DVD For Couples
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Female Ejaculation: the Workshop


All women have a prostate just as all men do. Therefore, all women can ejaculate. When stimulated, the prostate swells with ejaculate (prostatic fluid), and it’s supporting erectile tissue fills with blood. The prostate and its surrounding erectile tissue is the G-spot.

The G-spot is not hard to find. Put your finger just inside your vagina and push up. There it is! Feel the ridges? Press gently but firmly all around it. Get to know your G-spot, and you CAN ejaculate cups full of erotic juices — if you choose to — because ejaculation can occur with an orgasm or without one.

Because the G-spot is a prostate gland, it is naturally ultra-sensitive. Learn how to re-awaken its sensitivity, have G-spot orgasms, and flow fountainous bursts of female ejaculate!

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The decision to accept Zaviacic’s findings was made in 2001 but was not published until 2007 in Terminologia Histologica; International terms for Human Cytology and Histology, by Federative International Committee on Anatomical Termonology (FICAT) (ISBN 978-078-176-6104). Terminologia Histological can be found in bookshops or ordered from LWW (phone 800-638-3030).